Thursday, September 27, 2012

Turn the Page

 "The World's a Book and if You Don't Travel You Only Read One Page." ~ St. Augustine

Today's post is dedicated to my daughter who is preparing to study on the other side of the world.  She inherited the travel gene from me.  The main character in the novel I'm penning is also a traveler.  Most of his life he was stuck on one page.  One day he discovered his world was a book filled with rainbows and dreams.  His whole life was dependent upon the very first page where he was comfortable and safe.  Leaving that page behind was no easy task.  It meant saying goodbye to a community that treated him like family.

New chapters are being written, one day at a time.  This blog is only the tip of the iceberg.  The more I travel, the deeper I penetrate the novel of my own life.  The world is waiting for you to read every page.  Savor each sentence.  Breathe in the exclamation points.  Learn what the commas, hyphens and periods mean.  Read between the lines.  Pay attention to the question marks.  Above all else, never stop turning the pages of your life.  Torn and tattered pages are evidence of a life lived to its fullest.

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