Saturday, September 1, 2012

Halftime Adjustments

My youngest son loves listening to talks given by inspirational coaches.  His old football coach gave him an opportunity for a pep talk before one of his high school football games and he came home beaming after a big win.

In life, we look to our parents, teachers and coaches for help plotting a course to our destiny.  What happens when the game of life is absent a few touchdowns?  The answer can be found in the locker room at halftime.  You know best about all the times you were tackled when you headed for life's end zone.  You feel the pain of your injuries.  Take a look at these ideas to help you come up with some creative halftime adjustments:
  1. Analyze your opponent.  Your old playbook no longer works because he is attacking you with new plays.  Understand how he is challenging your weaknesses and give them some attention.
  2. Get the ball back.  You need to be aggressive challenging your opponent.  If you are getting behind because you can't control your debt, you need to have a huddle with your team and take possession of the problem.  This major commitment to your defense will result in turnovers that will put your offense back on the field.
  3. Don't throw in the towel.  No matter how far behind you are, there is always hope that you can get back in the game.  Fight for one yard at a time.  As long as you are moving forward, you are closing the gap on your opponent.
  4. Stop blaming the ref.  You're right.  Some of the play calls are bad.  Get over it.  Winners find a way to win no matter how bad the refs are.  Don't let bad calls take your attention away from your goals.
  5. Design plays that accentuate your untapped talent.  Tough times call for bold plays.  You know you have abilities within you that the world has never seen.  Surprise your opponent with new play calls that get you into the end zone.  Great teams find a way to win no matter how tough the opponent.
These strategies work for even the toughest of opponents.  Every day, I stare at the same giant named debt.  Past opponents were unemployment,  stubbornness and spiritual blindness.  I ignored play calls sent in by my coach from upstairs in the stands.  I needed a huge halftime adjustment to get back in the game.  Never again will I fear my opponents.  They can try to steal the ball away from me but I promise I will never let go.  I trust my coach.  He is undefeated, even against the toughest opponent of all -- death.

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