Monday, September 10, 2012

Managing the Honey Do List

Odds are one in five that your spouse's love language is like my wife's: acts of service.   Chocolates and flowers are nice, however, your love is best expressed from managing the honey do list.  Today is day number three of four on my love makeover.  My youngest son says I look like the guy on one of those HG home improvement shows.  My wife doesn't need to say anything.  The more items I check off on her "honey do" list, the more her heart go pitter-patter.

My recommendation for those of you married to a spouse who thrives on acts of service is to go big.  Don't just dip your toe in the water with everyday tasks like doing the dishes.  Jump in to the deep end with a surprise that will have your spouse singing.  Now I understand why my wife is addicted to those home improvement shows -- they are all about people doing acts of service.  For her, it's like watching a romance movie.  I decided to become one of those people featured on the home improvement channel.  Here's what I did to the kitchen in the first two days of my love make-over:


As soon as I hit the publish button on today's blog message, I'm diving in to the final two days of the honey do list.  Time to get out the paint brushes.  If you are married to an acts of service kind of a person, please share how you manage your honey do list in the comments section.

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