Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dare to Look in the Mirror

There is something inside you that makes you special.  You are created in God's image.  No matter your position in life, you are a child of God.  Many in this world wish to remove God from the picture.  What is it that the other side fears?

The next time you feel unsure about who you are, remember what Jesus did when He met the lost and the fallen.  He had the ability to look inside other people and see their faults.  Even though you may think your mistakes are hidden from the world, you can't hide when you look in the mirror.  Just remember that Jesus can see past your flaws.  He sees who you were created to be when He peers inside your soul.  He doesn't care what you did wrong in the past.  All He asks is that you make room in your heart for Him to live.

Before you look in the mirror, make sure you invite Jesus to live with you.  Ask Him for help cleaning up the areas of your life needing attention.  Then, look in the mirror.  Do you see that glow emanating from your soul?  That is the part of you that will live forever.  Remember to look in the mirror every day and never forget who created you.

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