Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How To Deal With Negative People

We all know about the 1% of the population that chooses to be miserable.  When you tell them how nice the weather is outside, they respond with, "there's a big storm coming."  They absolutely refuse to be happy and some make it their life's mission to drag you down to their level of negativity.  In fact, they resent you for being so positive.  Do your best to avoid these people.  If you happen to work with them or be related to them, here are some helpful ideas:

  1. Do your best to find out why these people are so negative.  If you discover something from their past, like abuse or bullying issues, at least you can have empathy for their ways.  There is always a reason why people have self-esteem issues which show up as negativity. 
  2. Recognize that negative people can't change overnight.  It can take a lifetime to break bad habits.
  3. Be assertive dealing with these people.  If they are in positions of authority, it's wise to document everything they say to protect yourself in case they attempt to sabotage your efforts to make a difference in the workplace.
  4. Work "around" them.  Find positive solutions to problems without involving them.  They can stay negative without affecting your performance.
  5. Keep your conversations short.  You don't need to bring up the weather or anything else they may attack.
A wise man once told me, "always affect your environment, never let it affect you."  The more negative others may be, the harder this is to accomplish.  Do not let anyone else steal your happiness.

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