Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Adventure of a Lifetime

The safest place for a ship is in the harbor.  Your ship is not meant to remain docked.  You are designed to leave the harbor and travel the seas.  Since my departure from the California coast early this year, I keep my sails at full mast and I journey to new places and new people every day.  It's the adventure of a lifetime.  Here's why you should consider leaving the dock:

  1. The big fish are in the deep water.  They are waiting for you to discover them.
  2. The world is filled with amazing people.  Meeting them will add joy to your life.
  3. Wisdom comes from navigating in rough waters.
  4. You will have no regrets at the end your journey if you sail as far as you are capable.  
  5. Don't let limited resources prevent you from embarking on your journey.  The winds will carry you and your Creator will provide for all your needs if you trust Him.
Perhaps my greatest joy in life is knowing my own children desire to leave the dock and sail on their own adventure without being afraid.  They will experience new lands I may not see in my lifetime.  I never told them to sail, I just sail and allow my life to be the best example of how to live the adventure of a lifetime.  Are you ready to leave the dock?

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