Friday, September 28, 2012

How to Calm the Calamity

These days, odds are you or someone close to you is facing a storm of epic proportions.  High unemployment, natural disasters and out of control spending by our leaders contribute to the struggles in millions of households.  Tensions are mounting.  The fiscal cliff is near.  Here are some steps to calm the calamity:
  1. Place your challenges into two categories.  The first is labeled things you have control over.  The second list is things you have no control over.  Throw away the second list and stop thinking about it.  You need to focus your time and energy working on the things you have influence over.
  2. Get help.  You are not the only person in the world with a daunting list of challenges.  Seek out individuals who found a way to solve the problems you now face.
  3. Remember, you are going to be around for eternity.  No matter what challenges you face in your life, they all disappear the moment you cross over to the other side.  Consider your troubles as opportunities to grow closer to the One you will spend eternity with.  With every beat of your heart, you are one step closer your final destination.
  4. Your list of challenges does not define you.  You are already defined.  You are a unique creation, formed in the image of the Creator.  Your challenges are in your life to help you discover what you are made of and to help bring out your true talents.  These challenges are meant to help you find the One who created you and grow closer to Him.
  5. You are not evaluated by how many items you check off your list.  All that really matters is that you form a relationship with the One who gave you the list.  Accept Jesus into your heart and you will learn how to calm the calamity in your life.  This is a no-risk, 100% satisfaction guarantee, no matter how steep the cliff, how powerful the enemy or how intense the storm.  
Beware of too much calmness.  Others may think you are aloof or that you are blind to all the problems in the world.  Be willing to share how you are able to maintain peace and serenity even though the world around you may be disintegrating.

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