Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to Cure Spiritual Blindness

Many times in my life I suffered from many ailments that contributed to my own spiritual blindness.  My over-inflated ego, relentless desire to crush my opponents, and my self-righteousness only added to my inability to see Jesus in others.  When God created us in His own image, His creation included every member of the human race -- even our most hated enemies.  The litmus test for spiritual blindness is simple.  Look inside your heart for signs of hatred.  Even if there is only one person on your list who you despise, you have spiritual blindness.  Don't worry; there is a cure:
  1. Remember who created the individuals you hate and know there is a reason why they are on the planet.  You may despise them because they too are spiritually blind and they are still in the process of discerning why they are here.
  2. Recognize how the Evil One has divided our world.  Generations of peoples are taught to hate others just because of religious beliefs or non-beliefs, political viewpoints, or income status.
  3. Pain and suffering can be eye-opening experiences.  There's a reason Jesus came for the poor, the sick and the lost.  They can see Him and believe in Him.  The truth is he came for everybody, however, it's the person with the greatest need who has the best opportunity to see Jesus. 
  4. Stop trusting your own vision.  You are behaving like the drunk who claims he can drive no matter how many drinks he consumes.  Everyone around him can tell he is inebriated except the drunk man.
  5. Learn to love your enemies.  Pick out your most hated enemy and begin praying for him or her.  Do this daily for thirty days.  If that doesn't cure your spiritual blindness, add another thirty days.  Someone I love dearly said this was a hard pill to swallow.  The daily prayer turned into a ritual that went on for decades.  It helps to ask the Holy Spirit for help.
There are some excellent testimonials dating back 2,000 years from individuals who were cured from spiritual blindness.  They did have one advantage seldom seen or recognized in modern times -- Jesus.  Jesus had a mission, to save mankind from spiritual blindness.  When a person was cured, his life changed.  Even though Jesus told these people to keep their cure a secret, they couldn't stop talking about their new spiritual vision.  Jesus knew He had to die so that we may be granted the opportunity to see His Father.  He is already in front of you.  When you see Him in the eyes of your enemy, you have found the cure for your spiritual blindness.

One blog reader commented to me she is too busy to read my blog every day.  I know the feeling.  There are only so many hours in a day.  For those who wish to read more about spiritual blindness, please refer to the number one best seller of all times.  The first half of the Bible points to the cure and the second half reveals the cure.  This is also where you find all the testimonials.  The stories are told from four different points of view to make sure the reader sees the remedy for spiritual blindness.  Once you discover the cure, please share it.

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