Thursday, October 1, 2009

The 5 Love Languages

The first thing my wife said to me when I woke up over 30 days ago to leave the cave and start this blog was, "I hope you are getting up to go rake the leaves." At 4:30 on a Saturday morning she was sharing with me that her love language is "acts of service".

A couple of days ago, my youngest son came home with a pair of tickets to a college football game. He won them from his school and could not wait to invite his mother on a date to spend "quality time", his love language.

When I am with my wife, I enjoy holding her hand. I also enjoy her love letters and refuse to throw them away (over 1,700 to date). These two represent "physical touch" and "words of affirmation".

The final love language is "gifts". If this is your love language and you don't get presents on your birthday or anniversary, you probably don't feel loved, even though your spouse is showing his or her love in another love language.

The best way for me to show my love for my wife is to rake the leaves or do the dishes. When she comes home to a clean house, it means more to her than a dozen roses. In order for us to feel loved we need to have those close to us speak our love language. This keeps marriages and families strong.

Dr. Gary Chapman has a whole series of books on this subject. Copy and paste the link below into your tool bar to get this book for $8.99 or visit your bookstore. Watch your marriage transform and deepen the bonds with your children. There is also a book on this subject for singles.

Learn the love language of those close to you and you will give real meaning to our command to "love your neighbor". Time to go. There are some dishes in the sink.

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