Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Month Out of the Cave

This blog is approaching the two hundred visitor mark and it has only been about thirty days since I walked out of the cave and into the new world. For those of you who are just joining, I wanted to do a quick recap of what has happened so far and what is going to happen.

Let's start with the end of the story. No matter how bad things look around you, remember how the story ends, you and I are with a bunch of people that are together when Jesus returns. Yes, God Wins! (Read the post, "My Biggest Bible Lesson").

Now, lets look at the beginning of the story. Our journey together begins on "Day 1- Coming Out of the Cave". In my first blog, I said I was coming out of the cave because I was called to "publish all the good that Jesus has done for me." I was called to do this a long time ago but chose to stay in the cave until I got the courage to come out.

Here are some highlights of the first thirty days of this blog:

"The Hood"- My reunion with my neighbors happened on the second day of blog writing. The lesson here is to connect with the people in your hood. Your neighbors are part of God's puzzle. Take time to get to know them.

"The story of Zoom"- The message here is that you are not to fear Goliath. He may take the form of your competitor in the business world or represent some kind of fear you are facing. Remember that the One who created you is also behind you and He is bigger than the giant in front of you.

"Hood Security" and "Keep the Burglars Out of Your Home"- These two posts are designed to help you protect yourself. Follow the list of pointers and you will slow down the bad guys. If you need an alarm for your home or know someone who needs one, look up these posts for the friends and family 800 number and for the special code. This is good in all fifty states.

"Accountability"- Like the commitment I made to my wife to write her a love letter every day until I "get called up", I have made a commitment to add to this blog every day for the rest of my life. All of you are my accountability partners. Every morning when I wake up I think of the end of the story, that is the day when Jesus returns for all of us. One person left out of the picture is too many. This is my purpose in life. Those of you closest to me are instructed to hunt me down should I ever go missing from this blog.

"Come Sail Away"- Our first 30 days together in this blog are just the beginning of a long journey. The Captain of the ship promises a cruise that will be life-changing. Just stay in the boat.

"The Flashes of Light"- If you are a song writer or an artist, you can relate to this. My blogs come to me as complete thoughts each day. Everything that you read on this site is unedited except for corrections in grammar or the addition of a picture or video to complete the message. The Creator provides the material and I just post it as it comes to me.

"My Biggest Bible Lesson"- This is the centerpiece of this blog. Once I asked the Holy Spirit to show me who I am, Jesus time traveled 2,000 years to meet me as if He were in the flesh. For me, His Words became Flesh. I know that Jesus will be back and this blog is your invitation to follow Him. I am just the messenger.

"Fear"- Over and over, Jesus has helped me to overcome my fear. He always shows up when I am in the most trouble.

"Goals"- There are 1,440 minutes in a day. Set goals so that your time is not wasted.

"Perseverance"- There are some good messages in this post. Don't ever give up.

"My Life Before I Met Jesus"- This is to show just how bad things can get when you try to do things on your own.

"Tribute to My Cousin from Mulligan's Island"- Check out my cousin's song, "Time". Read his bio on his website. He is making a difference in our world.

"God Has an In-Box"- This is a must read, especially if you are carrying fifty pounds of concrete on your shoulders.

"Life's 2 Minute Warning"- Another must read, especially if you find yourself in the fourth quarter of your life.

"Gratitude"- Thank others.

"Zoom's Best Friend- Tony Truggy"- Show appreciation.

"Flush the Toilet"- Another must read.

"Tennis Lessons"- Take a break. Have fun. Learn something new.

"Where There is Faith"- A little goes a long way. This video is one of my favorites.

"Falling Off the Horse"- Kind of nice when your kids teach you something.

"Who's Your Daddy"- Claim your inheritance!

"God's Puzzle"- He Created every piece, some of them just aren't shining yet. Love them anyway and find your place in the puzzle. One missing piece messes up the whole puzzle. Don't forget, the Creator sent His Son to be the corner piece of the puzzle. When we connect to the puzzle, we connect to the Son. When we connect to the Son, we also connect to the Father.

"Time Targets"- Dream big and make a plan to make your dreams come true. Deadlines conquer procrastination. Start today!

"The Meaning of 808"- Have balance in your life.

"Tony 530"- Pray for the sick and visit the lonely.

"Our Father"- He is every one's Dad so stop fighting with your enemies and learn to forgive them.

"Hug a Firefighter"- While you are at it, thank a teacher, give a thumbs up to those in the military and show appreciation for those who never get a pat on the back for their contributions to our world.

So now you know how this blog started and you know the ending. The in-between stuff will be added daily. Thank you for stopping by and letting me share my story with you as it unfolds, one day and one page at a time. If you would like to give me feedback or share your story, the email link appears when you click on my profile at the bottom left of your screen. This email is used exclusively for you, the reader of this blog. I do promise to answer every email, although it may be a few days before I am able to respond, so please be patient.

Time to reload my slingshot and go to battle with Goliath. It sure feels good to have some more people joining the Zoom team and we hope to be coming to your city soon. Have a great day!

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