Thursday, September 24, 2009

God's Puzzle

Have you ever put a large puzzle together, a really big one over 5,000 pieces? Were all the pieces there or did you discover that one or two pieces were missing? A couple of missing pieces destroys the big picture.

In God's puzzle, each one of us represent one part of the picture and this puzzle contains every color in the rainbow. As we look around at the puzzle, sometimes we resent the other pieces that we are supposed to be connected to. Some of us would rather be out of the picture than be connected to the other pieces.

God's puzzle has billions and billions of us in it. Most of us don't know what the big picture looks like and we have to trust the Creator of the puzzle to see how we are to fit in.

The Evil One is busy every day trying to convince us that we don't belong in God's puzzle or that we should eliminate other pieces because they don't deserve to be there. Just like us, when the puzzle pieces are finally put together, God will not be happy if one of us is missing from his big picture.

Most of the challenges we have in life have to do with not seeing the big picture. Now that I am out of the cave and back in my own company, I am trying to fit in to Zoom's puzzle. We have a "big picture" and all of us have a special opportunity to do something very special. We need to see how we are connected and not fight with one another.

Our greatest challenge is to figure out how a bunch of "equals" can agree on how we fit in Zoom's puzzle. Like the first apostles, we agreed that one leader would be better than all of us being leaders. This "first among equals" must convince the other equals that there is an awesome puzzle to be completed. It involves finding the missing pieces of the puzzle and connecting them to us. Right now, these missing pieces are scattered all over the country and they want to be connected.

You are a unique piece of God's puzzle and you are the only one that can fit in the place the Creator has reserved just for you. Don't be the missing piece in God's puzzle and try to get along with the pieces of the puzzle you are connected to. God will not be happy if a couple of us are missing when His puzzle is finished. It will be full of many colors. Don't be afraid to let your true colors show as you fit in to God's picture.

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