Tuesday, September 1, 2009


As I was driving to work this morning I was thinking about all of the encouraging responses I have received since starting this blog. It was difficult for me to be so disconnected from everyone while I was in the cave and now that I am out, I am getting to see great pics from friends and relatives all over the country.

Even though this will be the toughest day of my work week (15 hours starting in about 20 minutes and finishing at midnight), I have made a commitment to stay on top of my love letters to my wife and to contribute to this blog. My wife also writes me daily and it helps to keep me going. Your responses to my blog give me encouragement. I like writing to my wife as soon as I wake up because she is the love of my life and she deserves to know that she is always my first priority. Even though we are up to about 1,700 letters in a row, there is always something to write about. Writing this blog comes after the love letter and my promise is to post daily before I go to bed.

As for this blog, I believe it will help me to remain accountable. Yesterday was my first day back at Zoom. I spent the day reconnecting with past customers. Many are on the edge of survival and Zoom can make a difference. There is so much to do. For now, my job is to focus on getting more customers in our magazine.

The theme for today's post is accountability. I am asking those of you who are following this blog to hold me accountable. That means keeping in touch with you daily and following through on my promises to you.

Have a great day today and thanks for holding me accountable.

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