Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tony 530

Today's post includes a prayer request for Tony, a friend I worked with while still in the cave. He is in the hospital and 530 is his room number. Tony is waiting for the doctors to tell him what he is facing and he is the newest reader of this blog. Please take a moment and say a prayer for Tony that he is healed. You are not alone, Tony. Thank you for the encouragement you gave me while we worked together and stay strong!

There is a famous quote that I have heard repeated many times, "God helps those who help themselves". Although many believe this is in the Bible somewhere, it actually comes from Benjamin Franklin. The truth is that God helps those who can't help themselves. We have needed God's help since the very beginning. He sent His only Son to die for us. This is God's way of showing us just how much He loves us and He helps us when we cannot help ourselves.

Everywhere that Jesus went, he helped those that could not help themselves. He gave vision to the blind, restored hearing to the deaf, and cured all sorts of illnesses. He can time travel into the past to heal your wounds or into the present to put his arms around you while you are reading the Good News. He is there for you when you can't help yourself.

Sometimes we are called to comfort those around us who can't help themselves. When I go to Church, most of the people around me are seeking help as I am. Some are praying for jobs so they can put food on the table. Others are asking God to heal them or comfort them as they deal with the loss of a loved one.

A wise man told me that we can be divided into two groups. The first group is in the middle of a bad storm. The second group is about to face the storm that is just out of site but is on the way. Both groups need prayers. If you are part of the first group, like my cave buddy, Tony, know that you are not alone in the storm. If you are part of the second group, pray for those around you who may not believe they can survive the hurricane that they are in the middle of. When your storm comes, don't be afraid to reach out for help. It may come from those of us who have been asked to be the hands and feet of Jesus until He returns. My prayer today is that those who are called to help others answer the phone and say yes.

As I write this, it is a beautiful Sunday. Why not stop in your Church and give some support to those who need your prayers today? If you don't know anyone who needs your prayers, offer one up to my buddy, Tony, in room 530. God Bless you.


Michael said...

Not my quote but a good one. "Pray as if everything depended on God. Work as if everything depends on you."

Michael Mulligan said...

Thanks for sharing. Your feedback has been encouraging.