Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life's 2 Minute Warning

Today's blog was inspired by one of my best mentors. He was the very first person I called when I learned it was time to exit the cave and he asked me to come visit. I will never forget his phone call last December while I was away from Zoom. He told me he received a message for me and my partners. "Be encouraged", he said. This message came at an important time for Zoom because we were struggling to stay alive and we were running out of money. Within thirty days of his call, we learned that Goliath decided to retreat from publishing and would instead focus on the internet. For Zoom, it was like completing the "Hail Mary" as the clock ticked to zero.

I got to re-connect with my good friend yesterday and he shared another powerful message. I asked permission to share his story with my blog buddies and he agreed.

Doug McDaniel has dedicated his life to bringing others to Christ and he has always been there to encourage me on my journey. Yesterday he told me about a 92 year-old man that he met while he was teaching Bible study in nursing homes. Everyone in the group of seniors got along except for this newcomer. He made life miserable for those around him with his negative attitude and Doug was not excited to have him in his study group but it was open to anyone who wanted to attend.

Most of the seniors were at the "two minute warning" of their lives. They shared about their time on this planet and most knew that they were headed for Heaven. Doug asked the group, "how to you get to Heaven?" Everyone had a great answer except for the newcomer. Then Doug asked a follow-up question directed at him, "have you ever accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior?" The man shook his head and said "no".

This 92 year-old is probably one of the oldest people on the planet to invite Jesus into his heart. Doug never saw this man again because he moved out within a week of saying yes to God. This home was for people in the final stages of life on earth and the man suddenly became so full of energy that they moved him to a home for more active seniors. He had a new outlook and his anger was replaced with joy as he began his new life.

Doug told me that this story is amazing because the odds of "conversion" diminish over time as we become more set in our ways. No matter how old you are or how far away from God you are, it is not too late to invite Jesus into your heart. If you are looking at your time clock and you are facing the two minute warning, don't wait for the game to end... Say yes and spread the word.

Thank you, Doug, for your words of encouragement and for being a "light" in this world.

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