Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tribute to my cousin from Mulligan's Island

I mentioned in my earlier blogs that I come from a very special family. Yesterday I wrote about the "quarterback" of my family who is now with the Lord. The rest of us who are still on this planet have much to do before we "get called up" and today I want to recognize someone who has always been one of my personal heroes. Since he is already "world famous", as my old quarterback always used to say about everything (including his burgers), I don't have to keep his identity private...Please welcome my cousin, Mark Mulligan, to my blog.

Mark has the distinction of having two wives (no, he is not a polygamist!). His first love is now hanging out with my quarterback in Heaven. Her life here was cut short when a drunk driver crossed the double yellow line. Their two young boys survived the crash and have made full recoveries. Mark has been Blessed with a new wife and he is on his honeymoon as I write this tribute.

Mark's family came to his side during his mourning. They helped with the kids and they gave him the encouragement he needed to sail on without his first-mate. He just released his 10th CD and is back on tour.

It has been a little over two weeks since I got out of the cave and I have been busy reconnecting with friends and family members. Mark is a little harder to locate since his permanent residence is south of the border and he is on a honeymoon in Costa Rica for a few more days.

I wanted to give him a little surprise for his honeymoon with this blog, so, here goes... I found a clip of him on YouTube and it is posted here for you to play. If you like his music, check out his website, and order a CD or two. Make sure you read his bio. When he is not writing music, he is busy raising money for a charity he founded called "castaway kids". Why not give Mark a little boost and send him a couple of bucks to help the kids? All of the info is on his site.

If you ever get the opportunity to meet my cousin, make sure you tell him the "naked cave man" sent you. Now its time to check out a sample of his music. I wanted to thank all of you who read my blogs for your support and encouragement. I am also thanking you in advance for helping Mark as he begins his new life outside the cave...

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