Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flash Forward

I am a huge science fiction fan. Star Trek, Star Wars, anything involving time travel gets my attention. I don't watch much TV but I checked out this new series called "Flash Forward" the other night and love it. The whole world goes unconscious for two minutes and seventeen seconds. While they are out, they see themselves six months into the future. It is a pretty neat story.

This reminds me of the experience I had when I asked the Holy Spirit to show me who I am in God's Eyes. It was also a deja vu moment when I recalled playing the character, Scrooge, in the seventh grade. Scrooge was visited by a ghost from the past, present and future and it changed his life forever. Jesus came to life from the Bible pages I was reading and showed me a "Flash Forward" moment that changed my life forever. That moment I saw is when He returns and all of us are waiting for Him. The good news here is that while the "Christmas Carol" and "Flash Forward" may be fictional, Jesus is revealing our real future. Even the demons know this future and they are not happy about their impending defeat. Who really wants to sign up with a losing team?

I wanted to give my blog followers a special flash forward look at tomorrow's post. The woman that I will write about shares what happened during the time when she was pronounced dead after her SUV rolled over several times and ended up rolling over her. Even though she was wearing a seat belt, somehow she ended up going through the driver side window. When she arrived at the hospital, she was classified as a "CRAM 0", the rating for the lowest chance of survival. This amazing story will touch your heart.

I have been given permission to share Martha's story. In fact, she promised God, "I will tell". Godincidentally, I was thinking of her a couple of days ago and it turns out that it was on the exact day of her tenth anniversary (10/8/99) of her glimpse at eternity.

Tune in tomorrow. I will reprint her story, word for word, and you are free to share it with anyone who may be interested. It was no accident that I met Martha. She is a very important part of God's puzzle. Have a great weekend.

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