Monday, October 19, 2009

Reticular Activation

Yesterday's blog was about making a poster board depicting how you are going to use your unique gifts (I finished mine before I went to bed). I also asked you to blow bubbles. My three teenagers thought the bubble thing was very corny. It doesn't matter what they think, what matters is that what I write about does not come from me but from the universe that I am connected to and I understand that it is for you, the reader of this blog. Tonight, my wife and I are going to blow bubbles. She gets the message...put the negative thoughts inside the bubbles and watch them float away. It may seem corny but I trust the source of these daily messages and I no longer listen to the negative voices.

So, this message came into my head as soon as I woke up and asked God what I am to write about today. The words, "reticular activation", came into my head. I knew what this meant but I did a Google search on it to see what came up. It was interesting to see that reticular activation was listed with the universal law of attraction. Just like the connection that each of us has with one another, these sometimes random blogs are all connected.

Reticular activation is some kind of awakening of your senses. Once you set a goal, you begin to see things that were always there, you just didn't notice until you focused your thoughts on them. You literally begin to attract things into your life that will help you reach your goals. Your brain makes sure that you see every reminder of what you are seeking.

In order for your brain to do this, you must first decide what you want. No goal means no reticular activation. If you missed yesterday's blog, take a look at it and don't be afraid to make a poster board showing what you want to achieve. It is important to put it in a place where you can see it every day.

I will share two of my goals for next year as examples. The first goal is to have 10,000 visitors to this blog by December 31st, 2010. I believe that if the Creator nudged me to do this, then He must want the lost and the fallen to come here. If you are already part of the "choir", maybe your job is to share this site with others in your life that need hope. This goal may seem impossible as there are millions of blogs out there. I only have 9,700 visitors to go. Let's see what happens.

The second goal is related to our Zoom business. On March 17th, 2010, we will celebrate our five year anniversary. I can still hear the voices of those close to me who told me we would fail. Goliath has been a formidable opponent but we are winning because we put our gifts together and we have attracted superior people to join us. I put on my poster board that we will be in five cities by our 5th anniversary. As of today, there are two. Let's see what happens during the next five months.

Which voice are you going to listen to? Is it the negative voice that is telling you that you will fail? Maybe it is the tiny voice that says, "You are uniquely qualified to reach the goals you have set. The world will be better off because you have chosen to connect to the puzzle and share your gifts."

Bookmark this site and lets work together to reach your destiny. Have a great day.

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