Thursday, October 29, 2009


Each day, more and more of the connections to God's puzzle are revealed. This week, while my family was in Arizona, we took my mother out to celebrate her 70th birthday. Our waitress recognized my mother. She grew up in the house next door and lived there for twenty two years before moving out to get married and start her own family. My mother has now lived in her home for forty five years. Our waitress commented on what a coincidence it was that out of the millions of people in Phoenix, we would all meet. I just smiled because I recognized the moment as another "Godincidence".

It is no coincidence that you are at this site. We are all connected in God's puzzle. Some of us are the hands, others the feet. Those of us with special hearts are to reach out and comfort others. When we are connected, the puzzle is complete.

Yesterday, I was driving to work and met Nancy and her daughter while they were on a walk. She gave me permission to use her name because she is another special part of the puzzle. I have known Nancy for nearly twenty two years. All three of her children were babysitters for my kids. My wife worked for Nancy and I worked with Nancy during my time in the cave.

Nancy called me recently to tell me she listed me as a reference for a job she was applying for. I am hoping to create a job for her soon as we expand in other cities. As I talked with Nancy, she told me that she reads this blog every day. I shared with her that another individual from the blog emailed me asking for prayers for wisdom and that became the inspiration for yesterday's post. Nancy immediately offered to send a copy of wisdom quotes to this person. She told me she keeps extra copies that she freely distributes to those in need.

This is how God's puzzle works. We are all connected so we can help one another in our journey. We know how the story ends. No matter how bleak our current situation may be, in the end, God wins. If we are connected to Him and to each other, we win too.

May your day be filled with "Godincidences" and may you be blessed with the wisdom to see just how active God is in your life. Stay connected and have a great day. Thank you, Nancy, for sharing your gifts with others. The wisdom another reader was praying for will be in today's mail.

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