Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hand Me Another Brick

The title for today's post comes from a book that was given to me by one of my business partners during a time of personal trial. It was written by Charles R. Swindoll. The story is centered around Nehemiah, one of the characters in the Bible who is responsible for rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem.

The ancient city and the protective wall around it was destroyed when Solomon let his morals decay. God promised consequences and this led to the destruction of Jerusalem.

When it came time to rebuild the city, it was important for the wall to be restored but there were no resources to do the job. This is where Nehemiah came into the picture. He was a cup-bearer to the king of Persia, that is, a taster of the king's food and wine. If someone wanted to poison the king, Nehemiah's job was to protect him.

God put it on Nehemiah's heart to rebuild the wall. Nehemiah had to convince the king that this was an important job. He also had to persuade the king to give him all he needed to complete the job.

This book is an easy read. It will help you to overcome discouragement and assist you in preparing for success. It is so important to put a wall of protection around your inner soul. It is also imperative that you learn to see when a crack is forming in your wall. It starts when you let one stone become loose and fall out, then another and another. Once you become vulnerable, bad things happen.

Begin to build a wall of protection around your soul today. It starts with just one brick. If you are ready to make some changes in your life, why not get some inspiration from this book? This book could be your first brick. Have a great day.

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