Friday, October 2, 2009

Special Message for Those on the Zoom Team

I made a promise to blog once a day and this message is a bonus post for my Zoom team-mates. The first post for today is about "Dream Killers". Many of you on the Zoom team have been told repeatedly that we will fail. This message is especially for you or for anyone who may want to join with us in our battle against Goliath:

You may fall but you will not fail. Goliath is strong but he is nothing compared to the Giant that you have behind you. We have a vision and we speak with one voice. Our ship is sailing and our sails are at full-mast. Our staff is small but we are relentless in our pursuit of our dreams.

Don't let anyone be your dream killer! King Arthur defeated his enemy with only a handful of knights. Now, you are the knight in shining armor. May you and your family prosper. If you are one of the new "knights", welcome aboard. We are here to support you as you live your dreams and soar like an eagle.

Here is a bonus video...

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