Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two Visions Get Connected

This journey we are on together is full of surprises. I am starting to see how these random thoughts are actually connected to each other. Jesus tells us in Isaiah 55:8 that "My thoughts are not your thoughts and My ways are not your ways." As I work on my relationship with Jesus and others, I am becoming more spiritually aware of His thoughts and His ways. Let's just jump into my revelation for today's blog.

The first vision I am referring to is the one where I saw of all of my enemies in front of me. Jesus was next to me as we looked at the very large crowd (I was THANKING JESUS that all of these people were in my life). When I woke up after the "laying of hands", I felt a sense of peace that I have never experienced before. This story is also in an earlier post. Until this morning, I never saw a connection between these two "random" visions. Like Isaiah says, "My ways are not your ways". It has taken me years to see just how these two visions are connected.

If you go back and read my post, "My Biggest Bible Lesson", that is the second of two visions. It is the very moment Jesus become a Living and Breathing Friend. He showed me what I look like in His eyes.

You, the reader of this blog are the connection to the two visions. Until this morning, I did not see a connection between my enemies from the first vision and the crowd that was gathered to meet Jesus when He returns in the second vision. I am still deciphering God's puzzle. Each day more of the puzzle is revealed.

Both visions are of our future. After I woke up from the first vision, I was in some sort of daze for weeks. The Holy Spirit had stepped in to help me with my forgiveness shortcomings. It may be one thing to forgive, but to THANK JESUS for these people...are you out or your mind?

Now I am realizing that these ex-enemies are the people that I will bring with me to meet Jesus. How crazy is that! Well, every day I get closer to those two visions. As time passes, I am slowly working on my relationships with the other pieces of the puzzle and I find myself thanking God every day for these very special people that I once had a lot of trouble with. I am also thankful that I am following the One who is Perfect at forgiving.

I want to close with a touching story of someone from my past. He drove hundreds of miles to meet me and heal a past wound. He was in some kind of class and his assignment was to make a list of people that he had broken relationships with. He told me I was at the top of his list and he was seeking forgiveness. I am sure that my stubborn ways caused much of the conflict. It was good to have my friend back in my life again and we both benefited from his reaching out.

Why not make your own list of people in your life that have caused you pain? Reach out to the top person on your list. If that person is no longer in this world, try writing a letter expressing your thoughts. If they are still on this planet, make contact. Start praying for all the people on your "list". Pray that their lives be abundantly Blessed. Can these be the people that you bring with you to meet Jesus?

While you are working on your "list", I will be doing the same thing. Have a great day.

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