Thursday, October 22, 2009


There is nothing in this world that compares to your brain. Super computers are impressive but will never match the creativity you are capable of. Every day, scientists are making fascinating discoveries about brain power.

As awesome as your brain is, it is very likely that you will only develop about 10% of it during your lifetime. Can you imagine what would happen to your life if you tapped into the unused 90% of it?

Today's blog is about removing the roadblocks that are preventing your brain from working at higher levels. The key point here is that your brain listens to your thoughts. When you tell your brain that you can't do something, your brain accepts this as instructions or programming. For example, every time you say "I am terrible at remembering names", your brain shuts down part of your memory that is associated with recalling names. This becomes a pattern as your brain simply follows every command that you give it.

Positive affirmations become new "suggestions" for your brain and your brain will accommodate you. Instead of telling your brain that you are terrible at remembering names, tell other people that you are getting better at remembering names daily and your brain will listen to these conversations. Your brain will activate new pathways or connections each time you talk about how your memory is improving. The law of attraction (see previous post) will draw people into your life that will help you improve your memory.

Think of your thoughts as food for the brain. If you have been living on junk food, no wonder your brain is functioning below its capability. It's time to cut out all the junk food (negative thoughts) and give your brain some fruits and veggies. Your brain will amaze you as you feed it positive thoughts. It won't even remember the bad stuff you were eating all your life.

Make a list of all the new food you are going to eat. The best part of your new "diet" is that the more healthy food you eat, the better your brain will work. You don't even need to worry about weight gain!

What is on your menu today?

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