Monday, October 12, 2009

Who Will You Bring With You to Meet Jesus?

My passion to add to this blog every day comes from this very question. Like Martha's story yesterday, I have seen a glimpse of what is possible if I let God be in charge of my life (Read the post, "My Biggest Bible Lesson). It is really all about you, the reader of this blog. Will we all be together when Jesus returns?

I am preparing myself for two questions that Jesus is going to ask me at the end of my time on earth. The first, "How did you use the talents I gave you?" The second, "Did you bring anybody with you to meet Me?"

Most of us are probably pretty good about teaching our children about Jesus and we feel comfortable when we are with our church friends. What about the people we don't like to be around? For me, these are people with chips on their shoulders. Maybe they are mad at God for the suffering they are going through? Maybe life is difficult because they don't have any hope in their lives? Their relationship with God and others is broken.

I remember this feeling of being lost when I was going through my teenage years. I kept asking God to heal my parent's marriage. I prayed for my siblings but I just didn't seem to get any response. The Evil One was really good about convincing me that God was too busy to answer my prayers. My daily prayer included a request for Wisdom because I needed to figure out how to survive in such a negative world. It is hard for God to give Wisdom to stubborn people and this process has taken decades. This blog is really a series of lessons that Jesus taught me while I was in the cave.

Over the weekend, I met a member of my church while attending a home show. She had started reading this blog and asked what is ahead. I told her that God has put it on my heart to reach out to the lost and the fallen. These are the people that I want to bring with me to meet Jesus. I want them to know that they are not alone and that there is something better out there beyond the pain and suffering they are feeling right now.

There is another person out there that is really good about using the talent that God gave him. He was born with no legs or arms. Actually he does have legs, but they are only a few inches in length. He travels all over the world reaching out to others. Make sure you watch his video clip below. It is amazing that he has learned to play the drums, surf, and get up every time he falls down. As you watch this video, ask yourself what you are doing to develop the gifts you were given and who you will bring with you to meet Jesus. Have a great day!

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