Thursday, December 31, 2015

Rally Call – Players and Sponsors Needed for New Social Media Weight Loss Game

 It's called Rock, Paper, Caveman.  It's a social media game involving up to 99 players who are competing to see who will lose the most weight by Valentine's Day, 2016.  First place wins $100.  I'm asking my friends to donate door prizes.  This is the game that may save someone's life – maybe your own.  The rules are simple:  Every time you eat you pick rock, paper or caveman.  The rock is your choice to keep eating the same way you always eat.  No food changes means no weight loss.  Choose the rock too often and you won't lose much weight.  Your second choice is paper.  Your meal choices are based on the commercials you watch on TV sponsored by companies who have something to gain or the latest fad diets you read about.  You're taking your chances when you choose paper.  Your third choice is to eat like a caveman.  I started eating this way near the end of summer as a food experiment.  I'm 32 pounds lighter as of today.  I lost 4 and a half inches off my waist.  My blood pressure and cholesterol readings are now in the ideal range.  My food choices include unlimited fruits and veggies.  I also eat nuts.  I did this for 45 days.  It changed my life.  I believe if you eat like a caveman for 45 days you will have the best chance to be the biggest loser.

Now is the time to rally your friends who want to lose weight and have fun at the same time.  The food game begins tomorrow on New Years Day.  Email me if you would like to play or if you're interested in becoming a sponsor.  Have a great day.

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