Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Congress Repeals COOL

My food motto lately has been, "if it has a label on the package, don't eat it."  Soon there will be one less label to read.  Congress just repealed a law requiring countries to put COOL (country of origin labels) on all meats.  Countries outside the US fought the law and the World Trade Organization threatened sanctions.  No more COOL.  This may look bad for consumers but I believe local farmers can still get a win.  Why not put a voluntary label on the package touting the local farmer?  This is one label I would be happy to read, especially if "grass fed" is on the package. 

What do you think about COOL?  Does it matter to you where your meat comes from?  Do you pay attention to the food labels when you shop?  If you're considering joining me in the "no label" food experiment starting January 1, 2016, please bookmark this blog and come back for an adventure.  I'm seeking 99 volunteers to join me in the next round of an amazing food journey.  Please pass this story along to a friend who may be seeking a new approach to healthy eating.  Have a great day.

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