Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Processed Food Jig is Up

I met a young man yesterday who is in eminent danger of sudden death.  He refuses to get help even though his last blood pressure reading was 220/115.  He won't quit smoking.  I looked directly into his eyes and told him, "you're going to die.  You must change your ways immediately."  He fired back a list of excuses.  His dad had open heart surgery at age 21.  His brother died suddenly.  "It's my genes," he answered, exposing his perceived hopelessness about his situation.  That's when my adrenaline kicked in.  I knew it was my turn to be an angel in this man's life and I wasn't backing down.  I shared my own blood pressure success story and offered him hope.

Food awareness is the key.  My actress friend who is dealing with cancer wrote in a blog story, I avoid certain foods now because I know they feed my cancer.  Most of us have been duped by the supposed food experts who trick us into believing processed foods are safe.  We're dying in record numbers.  This doesn't have to be our reality.  All we need to do change our ways, give up processed foods and make healthy food choices.  The processed food jig is up.  I'm not backing down.  Please share this story with your loved ones.  Have a great day.

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