Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hail Mary Food Play Extends Season

Two men from California with the same last name made history recently with an amazing Hail Mary play and it happened with no time left on the clock.  The Green Bay Packers were granted an untimed play thanks to a penalty.  Click here to see the video.  The announcer called the play a rainbow of a prayer and it was answered in the end zone in a sea of Tiger opponents against all odds.  The play reminds me of a similar Hail Mary pass involving two players in the game of life also with matching last names.  Dr. Mulligan huddled with his lab rat and told him to go long.  His receiver limped into the end zone.  Touchdown!  The play granted new life to the lab rat.  It was a game changer.  The opposing team was stunned.  They had no idea something like this could happen.  Here's what Dr. Mulligan told his receiver in the huddle:

"The other side is going to be all over you.  They're going to try to smother you with their overweight bodies.  Don't freak out on me.  Remember your training.  Your plant-based diet you've been on these last 45 days is going to make the difference.  Your blood pressure is normal.  Your cholesterol readings are normal.  This Hail Mary is for you.  Don't let anyone take the ball away from you.  I expect you to stay in this game for a long time.  You can do this."

Special thanks to the quarterback who believed in me.  My season has been extended.  I will use the extra time on my clock to help others turn their game around.  It starts with the training.  Fruits, veggies and nuts for at least 21 days.  Fluids should be restricted to water and wine.  Up to two glasses of wine per day is fine.  No processed foods.  Find the end zone and jump for the ball when it's thrown to you.  The next food experiment begins on New Year's Day.  Will you join 100 players in the next huddle?  I hope you answer the call.  Have a great day.

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