Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Introducing Rock, Paper, Caveman – A Food Game

Rock, Paper, Caveman is a food game that may save your life.  It started out as an experiment.  The rules are simple – give up processed foods for 45 days and choose fruits, veggies and nuts at every meal.  I'm seeking 99 contestants who will weigh in on Jan 1, 2016 and play the game until 12:00 noon on Valentine's Day.  The player who loses the most pounds wins one hundred dollars.  I'm working on some other prizes from sponsors.  Here's how it works:

Every time you eat, you have three choices.  Your first choice is to pick "rock."  This choice is based on your past food habits and your upbringing.  It's the status quo.  Consider how this choice is working out for you.  Is your waistline out of control?  How is your cholesterol?  Do you need blood pressure medicine?  How many times per week do you eat fast food?

Your second choice is "paper."  It represents the media.  There's lots of conflicting reports about what foods are best.  If you're trying to base your food choices on the latest fads reported in the news, you may find yourself confused.  It's challenging to discern the best food moves when the food charts you study in school are sponsored by people who have something to gain. 

Your third choice is "caveman."  It's your choice to eat the way your ancestors eat.  Cut out any foods with a label every time you shop.  Processed foods are silently killing you.  Your body doesn't know what to do with genetically modified foods.  Skip out on fast foods.  Give up pop.  Eat like caveman for 45 days and avoid the rock or the paper.

After you've been playing rock, paper, caveman for a while, your friends may notice your appearance changing.  Be careful.  They may try to beat you up with their rock when you tell them you're eating like a caveman.  They may pull out a book that challenges the caveman theory.  Your best answer is to tell them it's only a game and your trying to win one hundred dollars.  I'm not forcing you to pick the caveman every time you eat but I do believe those who choose the caveman most often will probably lose the most weight.  Let's see what happens when the game ends on Valentine's Day.  Do you want to play?  The first 99 players who sign up are eligible to win prizes.  Click here to email me and enter "sign up" in the subject line.  Don't forget to weigh yourself on Jan 1.  Have a great day.

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