Monday, December 14, 2015

Daily Effort is the Secret Ingredient in Your Life Recipe

Want abundant life?  Daily effort is the secret ingredient most people lack.  They are usually the ones most eager to close out a bad year and start over with high hopes for a different outcome once the calendar flips on January 1.  A year is composed of 365 days.  Daily effort is necessary all the time, from beginning to end.

I'm satisfied all my goals for 2015 are complete and I'm already putting a plan together for next year that will push me to maximize the opportunities ahead.  When others ask about my New Year's resolutions, I'll answer with this:  "I want to change the world."  It requires daily effort all the way until the last day of 2016.  It will be something I work on every year I remain on this planet.  The plan is simple – raise awareness about all the foods we eat that are killing us and persuade others to try a food experiment designed to help them recognize they can look and feel better, live longer and eliminate most diseases like heart attacks, strokes, diabetes that are mostly food related.

A gentleman I met last week told me last night as he was packing his bags he is going to try the Caveman Food Experiment on January 1.  He's going to see for himself if foregoing eating processed foods for 45 days while concentrating on fruits, veggies and nuts will help him drop his blood pressure from 215/120 to the healthy range.  He told me he would also give up smoking during the experiment.  There are more people like my new friend suffering from food related health issues.  I'm going to keep reaching out every day to help them.  Will you help me?  Consider how you're going to use your secret ingredient to help others.  Share your life recipe with anyone you meet who hungers or thirsts for something you have that can help them have a better life.  Have a great day.

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