Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Get the Monkeys Off Your Back, One at a Time

This is going to be one of my most memorable years ever because I stayed in the game long enough to get some pretty big monkeys off my back.  Some of these monkeys have been in my family so long I thought they were never going to leave.  It's especially challenging when they gang up on you and pin you down.  In the spirit of my new home state where wrestling is the number one sport, I learned some great moves, like the escape and the reversal.  Here's how it works:
  1. Focus on one monkey.  Go after him.  Let him know you are focused and you're not going to give up until he's off your back.  Block everything else out.
  2. Once he's gone, be watchful that he doesn't sneak back into the arena.  This means staying away from the old habits that got you in trouble.
  3. Pick your next monkey.  Take on the weakest one to help you gain confidence and build momentum.  Go all out.
  4. Keep going until all the monkeys are off your back.
  5. Create a monkey-free zone in your life.  For example, it means using the cash envelope method to pay in advance for vacations in order to avoid vacation hangovers.
Here are the retired monkeys in my life:

Lazy Larry. Free spender Willie.  Credit card Carl.  High blood pressure Bobby.  Chronic cholesterol Charlie.  Worry Wally.  Stressed Out Sammy. 

You can do this.  If you need help in the kitchen with some new food ideas that will help you get healthy, bookmark this site and come back in time to try the Caveman Food Experiment.  If you try this for 45 days, you will get some big monkeys off your back.  Have a great day.

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