Saturday, May 31, 2014

Manage Your Life in Snippets

Are you too busy to get your important projects done?  Maybe your workload is like an albatross so large and overwhelming that you feel frozen.  You need snippets.  They are like the appetizers you consume before the main course is served.  Snippets are small chunks of time you squeeze in to handle smaller chunks of work.  Snippets are game changers for the overwhelmed.

Think of snippets as Lego bricks.  They come in all sizes.  You pick the brick that fits the amount of free time you have.  For example, you're watching your favorite TV show and a commercial break comes on.  That's probably a three-minute brick – more than enough time to lay on your back and do some stomach crunches.  I like to get creative and stack my Legos.  It works like this:  You're brushing your teeth, hopefully at least twice a day.  While you're doing this task, why not incorporate some leg raises or some stretches?  There's a couple more snippets to add to your exercise routine.  Now, put those snippets together and you're one super fit individual.  When people ask you, "how to you find the time to work out when you're so busy?"  You reply, "I manage my life in snippets."

Here's the good news – you can build anything and achieve anything you can dream if you use your snippets and link them together.  The novel I'm piecing together is my largest Lego project ever.  By the time I'm done, the word count will exceed 80,000 words, accomplished in weekly snippets of 500 to 1,000 words, depending on how many appetizers I can consume on my down time.  Click here if you want to see how I'm writing my novel using the snippets system.  All of my blogs were built from the ground up in snippets.

What area of your life are you seeking to improve using these ideas?  Please share how you will use snippets to handle your workload.  I would love to hear what you're building with your Legos.

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