Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sometimes a Nightmare Interrupts Your Fairy Tale

Why do so many fairy tales have nightmares lurking inside the pages?  The Three Little Pigs dealt with homelessness.  And Snow White suffered a coma.  I believe our best stories are the ones where an antagonist is present to shake things up.  The nightmares in our lives aren't just interruptions, they are our defining moments.  The audience holds their breath while watching us battle the Big Bad Wolf who is trying to foreclose on our home.  Or the man of the house is sitting on a wall when the doctor calls to tell him he has cancer.  Can he be put back together again after the great fall?

Yes, sometimes a nightmare invades your fairy tale life.  You may not be able to control what the evil queen does to you in your story, but you have one thing to fight back with – your attitude.  I believe in happy endings.  Don't worry about the interruptions.  Focus on how you are going to fight back.  Use your positive attitude as a weapon.  Yes, you can put your life back together again.  Humpty Dumpty is fictional.  You are real.  You can get through any situation.  And you can live happily ever after.

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