Saturday, May 10, 2014

Create a No Whining Zone

Are you sick and tired of hearing others whine and complain?  The problem you have is that others are coming to you and dumping their problems on you because you allow them to do this.  This is bad for you and bad for them.  It's bad for you because you are turning your home and/or your work place into a garbage dump and it's bad for others because they aren't learning to solve their own problems when it's so easy to just hand them over to you.  If this sounds familiar, you need help.  You need to create a "no whining zone."  Here's an easy method for getting the word out to all the people who think you're a pushover:

Consider every complaint you hear from the people around you as a hot potato they are tossing at you.  If you keep this in your possession, you will get burned.  You need to toss it back as quickly as it gets tossed to you.  For emphasis, tell them, "hot tater!"  Use some hand gestures that symbolize you are tossing the hot tater back at them.  If they open their mouth and keep up with the whining, repeat, "hot tater," and toss the problem back to them.  They need to learn how the no whining zone works.  They need to stop dumping their problems on you.  Be strong.  This works – but only if you are consistent.  Have a great day.

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