Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Defeats are Temporary – Determination is Permanent

Determination is a God-like quality.  And each of us is created in His image.  The challenge is to dig deep and find that quality buried beneath our defeats.  My digging time is higher than most.  The reason for this is because I refuse to leave the playing field no matter how many mistakes I make.  I will keep digging until my last breath.  What am I looking for?  Solutions.  A better way to solve life's problems.  An unstoppable winning attitude that shows the world I am determined.  Are you with me?  If the answer is yes, please join me.  Cut the anchor attached to all your past mistakes and sail away with a new attitude.  The next time someone laughs at you because you failed at a task, tell them, "Defeats are temporary – Determination is permanent."  If they ask you, "Who said that?"  Tell them, "Michael Mulligan."  Send them a link to today's blog story.  And if they ask, "Is that the Mike Mulligan guy with the steam shovel?"  Tell them, "no, this Michael Mulligan is a blogger and he's so determined, he digs with his bare hands until he finds what he's looking for."

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