Friday, May 16, 2014

Are You Having Fun Yet?

Fun is not something you should defer until a later date.  Odds are if you're not having fun now, you may never have fun.  Ask two people who are in the same place at the same time doing the same task about their day and one may tell you what a drag the day is while the other is having the time of his life.  How can this be?  Perhaps one is concentrating on what is missing while the latter is appreciating what he has.

I will never forget what it was like to live through two California wildfires.  The first fire destroyed our next-door neighbor's home and caused $20,000 in damage to ours.  During the evacuation, I joined a team of volunteers and got the opportunity to serve the firefighters food and drink on the front lines.  It was an amazing experience.  Family members and friends watched us on the news as we drove through the flames carrying truck loads of supplies.  I was standing in the bed of the truck grinning from ear to ear.  The newsman yelled out, "Who are you guys?"  I spurted out a bunch of words, forgetting what our leader, a federal firefighter separated from crew, said to us before we started our mission.  He cautioned, "don't talk to the media."  The cameras rolled.   There was no hiding the flames on the side of the road.  I admit it.  In the middle of all that tragedy I was having fun.  I didn't even know if my house was still standing.  It really didn't matter.  All I cared about was finding the firefighter I met earlier that day so we could give her the peanut butter she craved.  We found her.  We made her day.  And yes, we had fun.  It starts with a decision.  Decide today you are going to have fun, even if you happen to be in the middle of a wildfire, like my neighbors in San Diego.  God be with you.  You have my prayers.

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