Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

You are the architect of your dreams.  The hard part is doing the manual labor necessary to turn your renderings into a finished product.  There are cost overruns.  The permit process gets bogged down by the bureaucrats who don't believe in your vision.  You may ask yourself, "when will I cross the finish line?"  You may be tempted to give up.  If you're like me, you find a way to see past all the setbacks and delays.  You look at history and get your inspiration from the people who came before you, like the Romans who built a great city.  And you realize great things take time.  That's right.  Rome wasn't built in a day.  That job probably took much longer than anyone imagined.

Those who know me as a writer often ask, "when will your novel be done?"  I tell them, "every Friday I'm one chapter closer to completion.  My original deadline was unrealistic.  I didn't account for the times when I had to put the project on hold to deal with some major personal challenges.  But I keep going.  I tell myself,  500 to 1,000 words once a week.  Keep moving forward, one chapter at a time.  You can do it.  This strategy works with anything significant in your life.  Stay focused, my friend.  Yes, you can do it.  Don't forget to leave a comment about your dreams.  Thanks for sharing.

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