Sunday, June 1, 2014

Are You Nurturing Your Gifts?

There's a reason I have a happy face every day – I've been entrusted with four gifts.  The first one appeared out of nowhere when I wasn't even looking.  She showed up in a petite package with a cute smile and a set of alluring eyes that captivated me.  She was Heaven-sent.  Nearly twenty-five years ago we became husband and wife.  The next three gifts arrived two years apart.  I knew my role was one of temporary custodian.  These precious children never really belonged to me.  Our job as parents was to nurture them and help them grow into adulthood.  While I get to hold on to the first gift, it's time to let go of the other three.  The last one graduated high school and soon he will share his future plans with the world.

What does one do when the nest empties?  I will focus on nurturing the gifts I was born with.  I promised my Creator I would develop my writing talent on a daily basis.  It started with love letters to my wife.  They are locked up in a box and someday they will be passed on to our children.  Our children can read them, burn them or share them as they see fit.  I believe the love letters will help them understand what it's like to be a parent.  I wouldn't trade that job for anything.  And I believe the letters will help our children understand that love really conquers all.

Take a look around you.  Those people in your life are your gifts.  Your parents, your children, your siblings, your grandparents, your aunts and uncles, your cousins, your close friends – each is a gift.  Nurture those relationships.  Keep in touch.  Let them know how special they are.  And don't overlook the inner gifts you have been given.  Like your friends and family, they need attention.  Everyone benefits when you nurture your gifts, even the ones you only have temporary custody of. 

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