Monday, June 9, 2014

How to Increase Your Odds of a Successful Outcome

Can you see it?  That's the first step.  Every race you enter, every endeavor you embark upon and every goal you set has a finish line.  If you can't see it, it's impossible to achieve it.  The race is lost before the starting gun fires.  I believe successful outcomes are directly related to three things – visualization, attitude and a willingness to persevere when obstacles appear.  This doesn't guarantee a successful outcome every time but it does increase your odds.

Think of your life as a ball player.  The game has a fixed number of innings.  Your batting opportunities are limited.  When you make your first plate appearance, can you see yourself getting a hit?  Do you believe you are capable of hitting a home run?  Will you adjust your swing if you strike out?  Will you quit or keep playing?

Keep in mind that life will try to defeat you every time you step up to the plate.  Each time you adjust your swing, life is throwing a new pitch at you.  Expect a strong relief pitcher to be brought in late in the game when everything is on the line.  This is the time when you have to be your best.  Do you believe you are the one who can hand the closing pitcher a blown save?  That's all you have to do – see it, believe it and do it.  Make it a habit.  And remember this – winning is a habit, so is losing.  You have everything you need to increase your odds of a successful outcome.  See it, believe it and do it.  Then repeat it.

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