Monday, June 23, 2014

Why Mistake Free Living Isn't Living

Mistakes are like driving through a construction zone.  The roads are torn up and difficult to navigate.  You have to slow down.  Sometimes you get lost and must retrace your steps to find your way home.  Those who avoid mistakes aren't really living.  They aren't growing.  They aren't challenging themselves to make better roadways for future travel.

If the mistakes in my life were marked with construction cones, there would be enough cones to cover the interstate from coast to coast.  The good news is that I'm really living.  I thrive in the cone zone.  This is where new ideas are hatched.  I find better ways to do things.  The best solutions appear when I'm driving in hazardous conditions.

Yes, you can avoid mistakes.  The price is high.  You will never leave your comfort zone.  You will never explore new opportunities.  You will never live your life to its fullest.  In fact, you will never really live.  The choice is yours.  I will always choose the cone zone, no matter how treacherous it may be.

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