Monday, June 30, 2014

Are You a Clutter Junkie?

I pulled into my driveway the other night and noticed a large crowd a few houses down the street.  An auctioneer was outside selling personal items.  It was a frenzy.  I was tempted to check it out.  Then I came to senses.  One word popped into my head as I watched dozens of people carting off piles of stuff to their cars – clutter.  I battle with clutter daily.  Declutterizing my life is one of my priorities and I admit this is a great challenge.

The phrase, garbage in, garbage out applies to clutter.  Don't let garbage in.  Don't allow junk to pile up in your home.  Your junk drawer isn't attached to a black hole.  Everything that goes in, stays in.  Change your mantra:  No garbage in, all garbage out!  Put yourself clutter on a diet.  Organize your life.  And don't forget to take the garbage out.  You will feel much better once you lose the weight of all your clutter.

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