Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sharing Some Lessons From My High School Classmates

Some of the best lessons I learned in life are from my high school classmates.  This is only a partial list.  I would like to thank them for being in my life.

  • Irene -  Never stop dreaming about places and people you want to visit.
  • Cindy - Shoot straight and be kind to animals.
  • LMG - Don't let the trolls win.
  • Brie - Keep your eyes on God, especially when you're going through challenging transitions.
  • Jim H - You can beat the odds, even cancer.
  • Phi - Honor your parents.
  • Amy - Don't be afraid to reach out for prayers when you're ill.
  • Jackson - Follow in your Father's footsteps.
  • Joanie - Teach.
  • Jeff G. - Don't settle.  Do work.
  • Chris E - Run.
  • Michael H - The best investment you can make is in your children.
  • Karen H - Don't settle.  Love comes to those who are patient.
  • Nancy S, Scott G and several others from the class of '78 who passed away - Life is short.  Make every day count.
I would like to give an honorable mention to "Snora" Ehlers, my Spanish teacher.  The other day I thought about a song we learned in her class, Eres tú. I played it for my wife during one of our date nights and shared why the song means so much to me.  It reminds me that each person I'm connected to is special.   Yes, I learned a great deal from my high school teachers, especially Snora.  Every day I get the opportunity to practice my Spanish.  And every day I get the opportunity to apply lessons learned from my peers.  Thank you to the SHS class of '78.  For those who spent time with me in Snora's class, here is a link to the Eres tú video...

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