Saturday, March 31, 2012

Update on the Relocation

It's not every day a California family living in the same home for twenty plus years packs their bags in Winter to relocate to the Midwest.  Many of my California friends are still asking, "are you crazy?"

Those who truly know me already know the answer to that question.  How do you think I'm able to write about crazy people in my novel?  The best answer I can give is to share a little bit about my faith.  I truly believe God has a plan for my life.  It's not the one I mapped out years ago.  No, His plan is a little more off the beaten path.  I'm exactly where God wants me.  I'm certain of this because I'm beginning to see a pattern of doors opening and closing in my life.  I'm not on the show, "Let's Make a Deal" where I get to choose between three doors.  God has one door for me.  Sure, I always have a choice to go through it or avoid it, however, my years of experience in opening the wrong doors have changed the way I move forward.   Here's a brief update on my relocation to Iowa:

  1. My family is really happy to be re-united with my wife's large family in Iowa.
  2. Our chihuahua, Roxy, has transformed from being a couch potato to a speed racer.
  3. The family hosting us in Washington, Iowa extended their Winter vacation in Arizona and informed us we can stay in their home until May 1.
  4. The job search continues for my wife and me.
  5. The search for a new place to live also continues.
  6. God has a plan for us.
  7. We only know part of His plan so far.
  8. Spring has arrived and the trees, plants and flowers are all coming back to life.
  9. We've officially met every one of my wife's relatives since we've relocated.
  10. We are super excited about this chapter of our lives.
Have you ever done anything the world thought was crazy?  Please share your story in the comments section.

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