Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time to Load up the Moving Truck

Yippee!  20% off for AARP members at Budget.
Thanks to an extension request by the buyer's lender, I get an extra 48 hours to load up the moving truck.  This message is short and sweet today.  I'm using my allotted writing time to send out emails to all my friends and family members notifying them of my move to Iowa.

Starting tomorrow, I will be off-line for one week.  All blog stories have been written in advance and will appear every day at 8:08AM, Pacific time, during my absence.  Please be patient when communicating with me.  I do promise to answer all emails and comments once I return to cyberspace.

How do you manage your blog when you're on vacation?  Do you schedule stories at your regular intervals or do you wait to post new stories until after your vacation ends?  Please comment below.

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