Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Value of Your Moment

I'm thinking of you right now as I write this message.  I wonder how much time will pass before you open it up and connect.    We may only be separated by a couple of hours; or months and years may pass.  I only know we have a bond at the moment you read this.  Your moment is filled with choices and opportunities.  You may gloss over the message and cast it back into the sea, never to visit again.  Or, you may find a connection with my stories and become a regular visitor, reading more notes as they come ashore.

My hope for you is that my daily messages will somehow make a difference in your moment.   Here is my prayer for you:

Gracious and Loving Father, thank you for this moment you have given me right now to write this message; thank you for inspiring me to write every morning when I awake.  I especially thank you for the reader who is reading this prayer at this very moment.  Father, help this person to see the value of this moment.  May this prayer I'm praying right now fill the reader with abundant blessings.  May they experience your love.  May they come to know your Son who is knocking on the door to their heart right now.

Father, I trust you will deliver this message at the perfect time for the person on the other side.  You will use this message for Your glory.  Thank you for allowing me to have this moment to connect with the person who found this message.  May their day be blessed.  Amen.

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