Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Earl With Eyes of Pearl

Earl Welsh
On my wife's side of the family, every relative I've met has the same stunning light blue eyes.  My wife's uncle Earl had an extra sparkle in his eyes the first day I met him.  Not only did he have a sparkle in his eyes of pearl, he had some kind of power and light that emanated from inside his heart.  We said good-bye to Earl this week; he was the last of my wife's uncles to depart this world and now joins my father-in-law and two other brothers on the other side.  His funeral was our first formal family gathering since our relocation to the Midwest.

Earl worked at the power company.  During his eulogy, it was said his job was to keep the lights on.  He did this at home, too, teaching his family the secrets of exuding power and light from within.  The best way to teach your children about faith is to live it every day.  I will never forget how crowded the church was at Earl's funeral.  The audience included every single nephew and niece in this large Irish family and the newest generation of eyes of pearl, Earl's two blue-eyed great-grandchildren.  They were told they would be releasing balloons into Heaven and thought their great-grandfather was also going to Heaven in a balloon.

I picture him waking up in a new place with bright lights we have never seen before, asking, "is this Iowa?"

His Greeter replies, "no Earl, you're not in Iowa anymore, this is Heaven.  Your brothers are waiting.  Follow me."

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