Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where in Iowa are the Mulligans?

The state of Iowa is similar in size to a rectangular dish of lasagna.

My California friends keep asking where my new home in Iowa is.  Technically, I'm homeless at the moment.  We are staying in a friend's home until they return from their Winter break in Arizona in about thirty days.  When they return, it's possible we may have a better tan than some of my California friends, thanks to all this great weather.  I've been wearing shorts almost every day since we arrived.

If everything works out in the jobs department, our dream is to live in the Williamsburg area where my wife's family lives.  To get an idea just exactly where Williamsburg is, imagine you are about to cut up your lasagna into thirds vertically and horizontally.  Yes, the state of Iowa is rectangular, just like a dish of lasagna.  If you're like me, you like to eat the center piece first.  While you're looking at the center piece, locate the lower right corner of your slice.  Now you know exactly where we are.  That lower horizontal line in your lasagna is the I-80 which connects Des Moines and Iowa City.  We are 20 miles west of Iowa city.  If you come visit me, I'll cook up some lasagna and give you the center piece.  Are you getting hungry?  If your state were a food, what would it look like and where are you?

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