Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rest in Peace, Lucky

Lucky on a family hike.
Lucky at Dog Beach

Our pet, Lucky, went to sleep the day before we picked up the moving truck.  He was never the same after losing his companion, Lady, one year and 364 days earlier.  He spent the last six months of his life walking around in circles.  His fourteen-year-old body was giving out.  We knew he wasn't strong enough to spend a week confined in a moving truck or handle the cold weather in Iowa.  The best thing to do was let him go to sleep.

The new owners of our California home are dog lovers.  I mentioned to the husband we had a family pet buried in the back yard and we were planning to lay Lucky to rest next to her before moving to Iowa.  The new owner told me he was carrying ashes with him from his pet who passed away before they moved to California.  "I'll bury the ashes next to your pets and there will be a permanent sanctuary for them," he said.

I thought of the movie, "Marley and Me," when my son and I placed Lucky next to Lady.  I remembered all the stages our dogs went through.  Both started as rescue pets.  And both found a way into our hearts.  At first, I didn't think Lucky would be a good fit for our family.  His days spent chained up alone in an unfenced backyard before we adopted him made him afraid of thunderstorms.  Every time we opened the front door, he darted for freedom, spending hours frolicking in the wild shrubbery around our cul-de-sac before we could coax him back home.  He nearly destroyed all our furniture the first week we brought him home, nervously chewing all the cushions while we were away.  Our Sheltie, Lady, took charge and helped Lucky to settle down.  Now they are together after living full lives.  It turns out we were the lucky ones to be blessed with such great companions.  Rest in peace, Lucky.  It's time for you to chase bees in Heaven with Lady at your side.  Thanks for the memories.

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