Saturday, March 17, 2012

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Wilson Patrick O'Mulligan and pet, Roxy, waking up on St. Patrick's Day
Happy St. Patrick's Day to my friends and family, Happy 19th birthday to my daughter, and Happy 7yr anniversary to my Zoom partners.  Our Chihuahua, Roxy, isn't sure about Wilson's hat.  I think she'll feel better once we give Roxy her St. Patrick's Day sweater.

This is an extra special day because we are celebrating with my wife's siblings and friends.  The town is 100% Irish.  I'm away from my daughter and Zoom partners today, however, I have Wilson (full name: Wilson Patrick O'Mulligan - the O in front of Mulligan is only shown once a year on this special day).

May you enjoy your special day.  My family doesn't like to have their pictures on my blog so Wilson will be standing in and his pictures will be posted here soon.  How will you be spending your St. Patrick's Day?

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