Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Fresh Set of Eyes

The other day I lost my cell phone while out on a walk with my dog.  I told my wife I would be back soon when I left the house with our chihuahua.  The weather was perfect so I decided to turn the short walk into a mini work-out.  I removed my shirt and started running, sideways and backwards.  Once I hit the open fields, I bent down to remove Roxy's leash.  Towards the end of the jaunt, I realized my phone fell out of my shorts.  My wife was worried I was MIA, so she called me repeatedly.  After spending an hour searching for the phone, I decided to enlist my wife and son in the search for the phone.

I offered my son a reward and he was determined to find the phone first.  During the search, I thought about all my contacts that would be lost.  I visualized the phone getting chopped up in a riding mower as the three of us combed the fields.  What a relief when my son held up the phone.  I was so happy I doubled his reward.

Sometimes, all that is needed when you are experiencing a challenge, is to bring in a fresh set of eyes.  Have you ever experienced a situation where a fresh set of eyes solved the problem?  Your comments are appreciated.

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