Sunday, March 4, 2012

On the Road With Wilson

The original Wilson from Cast Away.
Remember Tom Hanks buddy, Wilson, from Cast Away?  I have my own travel companion, also named Wilson.  It's my own creative way to share my blog vacation with my cyberspace friends without violating my pact to keep my family private.  Yes, I'm enjoying my cross-country journey with my wife and youngest son.  No, I won't share pictures of them on the road unless permission is granted due to their desire to remain outside of cyber-space.  Wilson doesn't care.  He's a midsize friend who mostly hangs out inside my tennis bag.  On this road trip, he will be sitting with my family in the front seat of the moving truck.  He will dine with us at meals.  And he will pose for pictures during our 1,800 mile road trip.

Please welcome my travel companion, Wilson.  Here's his first picture, posing outside our California home just before the close of escrow.  You will see him often on our road trip.  My wife says he needs a face.  I will have to work on that on the road.

First picture of my travel buddy, Wilson, outside the balcony of our California home.
What do you think of Wilson?  I'm really happy he has a strap.  Remember, my internet connections are sparse during my blog vacation and I may not be able to respond to any comments until about a week from now.  Thanks for your patience.

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